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Why I'm here...

I provide families who have loved ones living with dementia a proven path to better care, less frustration, and the support you need to live life as normally as possible.

I provide caregivers who are managing the aging process of someone they love a directed path through the process of assessing what's needed, where to begin and how to keep connected throughout the journey.

I want you to know that you're not on this path by yourself. We're in this together, every step of the way.

Caring for someone with dementia?  Do you find yourself feeling as though you're losing your sanity because when you're in the presence of others, your loved one seems to effortlessly adapt and appear perfectly composed, even though things are far from normal at home?  I get it; it can be incredibly maddening! Just to reassure you, you're NOT losing your mind.  Interestingly, this is one of the most common and deeply frustrating experiences when you're caring for someone living with memory loss.

Let me introduce myself...

For over 30 years, I've been living and breathing the world of aging, and trust me, it's more than just a job to me. It started with a relative, who had Alzheimer's. My Mom stepped up big time, becoming caregiver. They lived a ways away. Back then, we didn't have Google or easily accessible places to turn to for answers or help. This lovely soul turned mean and ugly.  We didn’t understand and we didn't know personality change is common with this disease.  We did everything to help and to please her.  Imagine feeling completely in the dark about something so close to your heart.  I know you can. Decades later, dementia took both my Dad and then my Mom. Those losses hit hard, pushing me to learn as much as I could and gather resources for others in the same boat. And now, a best friend and some of my closest family members are facing this challenging disease, and it's evolving faster than any of us would like. I truthfully live in fear that my time will come!  This journey, both personal and filled with love, is why I chose the path I'm on – because DEMENTIA CARE CAN BE BETTER and life can be a bit more normal.

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How I Help My Clients

Dementia Classes
 Online and In Person


I'm here to answer questions about everyday hurdles and needs. I'm also here so you can equip yourself with knowledge, guidance, and hope, to enhance your ability to more effectively support and more harmoniously live alongside your loved one living with dementia, using real tools that work.

1:1 Coaching or Family Collaborations

Become a better care partner.  Reduce your daily frustrations. Reframe your relationships.  Get on the same page.  Once you understand what your loved one is experiencing, you’ll argue less, be more in tune with their needs as well as your own, and be able to meet them and connect with them in more meaningful and purposeful ways. 

Corporate Wellness and Support

Keep employees more focused on work while at work, and more successful at home as they balance care for their loved ones both locally and far away. 

Elaine Poker-Yount is the professional every family needs in their corner when dealing with the difficulties that come with aging, including the onset of dementia. We were the lucky recipients of her knowledge, experience and connections, as well as her compassion. Elaine provided our family with the tools we needed to deal with our mother’s early death from cancer and our father’s pain, first from grief and eventually from his own pain and death from dementia. Elaine shared many practical, useable tips, including how to help our parents deal with their gradual loss of control, while balancing our safety concerns. I can’t imagine not having her to turn to for help.

S. Tikalsky, Coaching client - Minneapolis, MN

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Every situation is as unique as the people in the story.  Every tool we choose is designed with your unique situation in mind.  Success in aging is about being willing to adapt ourselves to our current situation.  I help you to do that.