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Corporate Wellness and Support,

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‘Lunch and Learn’ Sessions can be just as effective early morning or late afternoon, depending on your corporate structure and the national or global time zone within which you function if you want more than one office included in the session. Whether in person or online, classes can be monthly or quarterly. **If you have local offices and run a standard lunch hour on your shifts, nothing can beat the connection and intimacy of in-person classes.

Peer Support Groups are another option for employees as they navigate caregiving as part
of the “Sandwich Generation” fielding needs from multiple generations. Unfortunately,
spousal care partner are very common, as is sibling care or worse, caring for an adult child.
Navigating any of these scenarios can be extremely challenging. Support groups are best
offered monthly for both consistency of time and place. Connection and support between co-
workers is an unplanned result of these monthly meetings, offering validation, support and
new connections.

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