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Proven Care Strategies for Aging Loved Ones

Transform lives by empowering yourself or your employees with the knowledge and skills to navigate the challenges of caring for aging loved ones, particularly those experiencing dementia. The result? Everybody wins!  Loved ones will feel like a partner instead of a recipient of your energies, and you’ll experience a profound sense of calm as you embrace understanding their illness and begin working with your partner instead of doing things for them or to them.

With improvement in both your home life and work-life balance, you will now lead the way to a changed relationship, naturally becoming the best care partner you can be!

How I Help Clients

 Dementia and Aging Classes Online and In Person 

Delivering practical infomation and providing tools empowering you to competently address the unspoken challenges of daily life while living with dementia.

  • Lessons on ‘what’ is happening from a certified professional trainer who also is a long-time, long-distance family care partner and 'gets it' evokes your  confidence.
  • Learning ‘why’ things are changing and happening provides you with understanding, empathy and more patience in your daily interactions.
  • Experiencing how’ to use the tools needed for better care both entices and motivates you to adapt your responses to challenging moments.

1:1 Individual Coaching or Family Collaborations

Customized situation-specific coaching targeting your unique needs resulting in you becoming a better care partner, reducing your daily frustrations and reframing your relationships.

  • Private family group sessions or classes providing the framework and groundwork for consistency of care reduces tension and confusion for everyone.
  • Embracing realistic expectations for loved ones will reduce your disappointment and frustrations in demanding moments.
  • A roadmap focusing on both realistic expectations for care and the tools to get you there, eliminating your current feelings of 'now what?'
  • Guidance, Accountability and Support from an experienced coach.

Corporate Wellness
and Support

Education and Resource Options focusing on all aspects of multi-generational family caregiving, including itemized practical strategies for balancing care, locally and long-distance.

  • Comprehensive ‘how-to’ classes on navigating big-picture and daily responsibilities including: critical conversations, family’s decline in independence,  working with siblings, conquering refusals of help, self-care and managing the many dimensions of dementia - including skills.
  • How to find the resource options needed for specific situations
  • Peer Support Group Sessions
  • Opportunities for one-on-one consultatoins
  • Check out my class list

I wanted to express my extreme gratitude for Elaine Poker-Yount and all that she does in the Dementia space. I have personally known and worked with Elaine since 2015 and have nothing but admiration with her passion for anything Dementia related. She always brings her best to any situation Intel has asked of her, whether that is an employee Health Fair or the personalized classes she offers Intel employees to the monthly peer groups we offer employees. She is always there to listen and offer advice (options/solutions). Our employees have nothing but satisfaction with all the services Elaine has offered over the years. I would personally recommend Elaine for the vast knowledge and caring attitude she always brings when dealing with people affected by dementia. I am also proud to call her a friend and colleague helping Intel employees navigate this debilitating disease. They always know they have a friend in Elaine who truly cares about them.

Shawn Robert Tabb | CorpDev & HRLrn learning Domain Manger | Intel®