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Hi, I'm Elaine

I care for aging families, focusing on educating and empowering you how to live better with Dementia/Alzheimer’s disease.

Set The Stage


Have you found yourself wondering what’s happening with your relationship with your parent/spouse/best friend?

Do you seem to be arguing more?  Are unexplained or unexpected things happening that just don’t make sense?  Are you wondering if you are, or your loved one is, at the beginning of memory loss – or worse, well into it?

Or maybe you’ve already been to the doctor and it’s been confirmed… there’s some MCI (mild cognitive impairment) going on, or some beginning dementia but NOW WHAT?  They said come back in 6 months and they’ll retest.  But you’re thinking, “WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?  WHAT DO WE DO NOW?”

The Backstory

I grew up surrounded by elders. Both my parents were the youngest in very large families, and I, too, was the youngest, with a significant age gap from my closest sibling. Despite studying Family Studies in college, my professional journey took a different turn yet I unexpectedly found myself working with older retirees for three months each year. Observing their aging process and addressing their challenges, I gained amazing insights. My role evolved over 17 years, working with 300+ golden seniors as their conditions changed.

The owner of the Visiting Angels East Valley franchise noticed my interactions and offered me a position as a community liaison, realizing the diverse experience I had. Embracing my new role, I applied the knowledge acquired over the years, and transitioned from a community liaison to a care manager and community educator to a dementia care director who was passionate about continuing community awareness and understanding, expanding the community education and support.

The key lesson I learned in my journey is the significant visible, positive impact that individuals who embrace and proactively approach aging and illness have on their own life! The differences are profound.  Those who honestly discuss and approach their challenges openly and proactively with positivity, are calmer, healthier, and more productive, as well as connected, even in the face of adversity. Translating this insight, I began educating the community through classes and conferences, becoming a valuable information source and a helpline.

The Epiphany!

Not only did I realize there was a need out there, as I became enveloped with dementia at home, it began to consume my professional life as more and more clients were now living with this condition. I professionally began connecting with families living with dementia in a very consistent way.  So I shifted from just producing aging conferences to adding dementia conferences to the mix and opening the door to bigger conversations.  It was when I began working to get Sun Lakes Memory Café established and became intimately connected consistently with families eager to share their journey, that I had my ‘aha’ moment.  It became crystal clear to me, that having a soundboard, an insider – someone tuned into the specific dynamics of dementia and HOW it affects the family, really made profound differences and improvements to the lives of families living with dementia.  That insider was me!  My personal life and professional life collided and I found my place, my space in the world where I was making a real difference.  That 'aha' can happen to you too.

Elaine Poker-Yount is an outstanding educator on the subject of dementia and memory loss. She helps people understand how the illness affects behavior and suggests specific interventions to caregivers to help mitigate challenging behaviors. Elaine is an empathetic listener and a great group facilitator. Caregivers never feel alone with their situation after attending one of her groups.


What Your Known For

What makes me unique is my deep understanding of the challenges families face. I can relate to you. My story is your story – just different!  I've encountered hundreds of diverse situations, each with its own set of struggles. This firsthand experience has given me intimate and valuable insights, enabling me to provide the practical support you need as you navigate your role as care partners.  

My goal is to make your journey more manageable, with the ability to breathe a little easier, feeling more confident that 'you get it' and your loved one feels truly understood.


  • Teepa Snow Positive Approach to Care™ (PAC) Certified Trainer, since 2018
  • Certified Dementia Practitioner, National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners
  • Dementia Friendly Arizona Champion
  • Chair of Sun Lakes Memory Café, and Café Support Group Facilitator
  • Co-chair Dementia Friend Sun Lakes
  • Monthly Guest Columnist, Arizona Republic, since 2012
  • Producer, Successful Aging Dementia and Aging Conferences since 2012
  • Board Member, Arizona In-home Care Association, (AZNHA)

Featured In

Each week of Memory Cafe you have done an outstanding job of demystifying memory issues, consoling people who are truly lost and heart broken, and educating caregivers who are confused and desperately need direction.   I have also watched you put together presentations, call in experts in various fields, coordinate activities outside of Memory Cafe, and most importantly, always be there for people who need assistance. I cannot emphasize how much this means to me or how much your involvement has assisted my wife and educated me. 


My Core Values

At the core of everything I do are some values that were instilled in me at a very early age.  They were consistently reinforced growing up in a family of faith and service and they grew to encompass the work I do. These beliefs guide everything I do and why my clients trust me with those they love as I teach them how to live better with dementia.

Core Value 1

What you see is what you get!
Trust, authenticity, and the willingness to be vulnerable allow us to connect beyond our wildest dreams.  

Core Value 2

 We treat others as we'd like to be treated.  We hold integrity and human dignity in the highest regard. 

Core Value 3

We embrace change.
We have to be willing to learn and change if we want or expect something different or something better.

Are you struggling?  Scared?  Frustrated?  Tired?  Stuck?

Dementia isn't a journey you walk alone.  It's also not a trip to be taken without some guidance and navigation.  When we know better, we do better.  You can walk away from a simple phone call with a new idea and some hope.  Everyone gets 30 minutes free.  What have you got to lose?