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Learn New Ways to Approach


With a Kaleidoscope of Possibilities 

Slightly adjusting our perspective reveals beautiful new opportunities for care.

  • Thursday, February 29, 2024
  • 9:30 A.M. - 3:30 P.M.
  • Sun Lakes United Methodist
    Church, Lindsay Hall
    9248 E. Riggs Road, Sun Lakes

Welcome to our 5th Annual Dementia Conference!

JOIN US...to get ideas and learn new ways to tackle familiar and repetitive situations.

  • Experience the impact of how choosing specific verbiage and techniques you can significantly de-escalate anxiety and angst keeping connection positive
  • Learn how to connect better with your partner when you have different expectations for what happens next
  • Discover how to continue a conversation vs. allowing an opportunity for an argument
  • Feel the power music has for decreasing both emotional discomfort and accomplishing tasks

Our Speakers:

Elaine Poker-Yount | View Bio

Changing the Things We Can Change

When providing care, understanding both what our loved one with dementia is experiencing, and learning what we actually have the ability to control, our approach to care will come from a brand-new perspective. Not only will you discover what you can change and adapt, you’ll find out how to do it – making care and connection better for all.

Michelle Cornelius |  View Bio

Avoiding Conflict Using Skills Learned form Improv

Living in the reality of a person with dementia can be a challenge when their view of the world is different from ours. Using “Yes, and” skills adapted from improv can help validate their feelings and experiences without agreeing. Come learn how to understand and respond without causing a conflict in this interactive session.

Amanda Marcum | View Bio 

How Music Changes the Way We View Our World

Dementia effects minds but music touches hearts. Music provides comfort and familiarity in distressing situations by offering the brain a pleasant alternative. Music can facilitate desired outcomes including relaxation, decreased agitation, and meaningful connection. Learn how to create personalized music experiences that can make life easier.

What People Are Saying...

When I walked into the dementia conference this morning I was looking for some ideas or help to care for my husband.  I was tired. I am tired. I just need some help.  I got tools and help from all the speakers and all the resources here.  But what I also got that I didn’t expect was even more powerful, and that was hope.  I’m going home with hope!

March 2022   Barbara B.  “Discovering New Pathways to Care” Dementia Conference

What People Are Saying...

Everyone should go to this conference.  It was so valuable.  Last year, I didn't even have someone I was taking care of, but I learned so much!  I would have given anything to have this information while my husband was still alive.  I will go again this year too.

January 2024  Gudran S.