Welcome Message from Elaine Poker-Yount, Conference Director

Welcome to Successful Aging’s 2020 Dementia Conference

This time it’s virtual!

We’ve got an amazing conference designed just for you.  We’ve listened to what you wished you knew and what you felt you needed.  We’re here so that you don’t feel alone navigating this journey.

This program will offer you four weeks of solid information so you can learn, engage and, just as importantly, store information for the future so you have it when you need it.  We’re offering a session each week.  These are the additional ‘must-knows’ of this caregiving equation because this journey cannot be an independent endeavor.  You need a team.

  • How to take care of yourself so yourself so you CAN take care of someone else.
  • How to pay for care as things progress. 

The beauty is, if you can’t attend at the exact time on the conference day, no problem!  The material is available to you 24/7 for six months following the event.  You can access it at your leisure.

To prepare for the conference, you’ll get emails highlighting featured information from speakers and sponsors.  Our sponsor experience is designed to give you access to information and products you are most likely to need as you navigate this road living with dementia.

To get started…

1.       In mid-September, you’ll receive a special email with instructions on how to register with WHOVA, our conference software.

4.       After registration, you can access our sponsor’s information and begin a conversation with them.

5.       EACH WEEK OF THE EVENT you’ll receive a reminder of the time and the class content.  If you can’t attend at that time, all you have to do is click on WHOVA at your convenience and voila… you can see that week’s talk. We’ll have presentations posted within 24 hours.

6.       Please note:  your registration link is JUST FOR YOU – NO ONE ELSE CAN USE IT.  If you have friends, family, neighbors that need the information, please feel free to share the registration information with them.

7.       IF YOU GET STUCK OR NEED A LITTLE ASSISTANCE or if you have questions, email Laura, our technical assistant, or call Laura at ??? 

We’re so happy you’ve joined us.  I look forward to meeting you – virtually!

Conference Director