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Were you aware that there is an entire industry focused on educating seniors on the many things that lie ahead as we move through our 2nd fifty years??  This industry is here to support your health and well-being to maintain an independent lifestyle or to make the best decisions when you find yourself needing some help.  This support comes in the form of products, services and education that offer practical tips, tools and activities to address your changing physical, mental, emotional, financial and social needs.

Most of us enter this stage of life with the anticipation and excitement to live life to its fullest.  Goals might have included retiring, having fun, traveling, enjoying leisure time, doing the things you put aside while you were raising kids, building a career, sacrificing then to provide for this stage.  Most of us look to all the positives that the TV commercials say are ahead for us.  Then we arrive at this glorious time and we might find ourselves hitting some bumps in the road related to health…our health or the health of those around us…partners, friends or aging parents.  Changing health needs have the ripple effect of impacting the above-mentioned needs and more.

For the most part these bumps in the road come as a surprise…possibly a life-changing surprise.  When that happens, our stress builds and we scurry to find solutions.  We know that stress in and of itself can impact our health (chicken or the egg scenario…stress causes health issues or health issues cause stress).  Making life decisions under stress might not make for the best decision and in hindsight we say, ‘if only I’d known more.’  One way to reduce this potential stress is to have a basic understanding of ‘things to be aware of,’ making knowns out of ‘knowing what we don’t know,’ possible actions to take and trusted individuals who can guide you if and when those unsolicited surprises come your way.

Welcome to the Arizona Care Alliance (ACA)!  A team of advisors whose soul purpose is to provide the best information and support to seniors as they navigate the aging process.   A number of ACA members contributed to the ‘Seniors Living Their Best Lives’ YouTube channel which provides insight and things to consider to inspire to you take action today to be better prepared for what might be ahead for you tomorrow.

Article submitted by Joan Marlow, Peaceful Easy Healing, a member of ACA.