How is the implementation of the first 2 Life Lessons going for you?  What are you learning about YOU?   How many ah-ha moments did you have as you determined things that were and were not in your control?  What you’ve probably determined is that the only thing you can truly control is YOU!!!  Your actions, your thoughts, your choices are solely under your control…let the other stuff go. That’s a GREAT lesson.

A value-added fact in this effort is that as you ‘choose’ to implement the first 2 Life Lessons, you are beginning to positively impact your health and well-being in a very subtle way.  Whether you know it or not, each time you ‘choose’ to stop and observe, you are implementing a conscious action vs. continuing to do what you do in that moment because it’s automatic.  Ummmm, interesting.

Think about it…we live our lives on ‘auto-pilot.’

By ‘consciously’ stopping and observing, you are creating a point of ‘Awareness’ that you then take action on…
that’s impactful!

There are so many things in our life that are ‘habits’ or actions that are hard-wired in our brains.  Thank goodness we don’t have to think about breathing or digesting our food or blinking our eyes…our bodies are designed to do these things automatically.  We also innately ‘know’ certain things in our lives that become automatic.  For instance:  when we approach a door, our mind knows it needs to be opened and our body ‘knows’ how to reach out our hand to turn the knob or push the door open in order to walk through.  These elements are in our best interest, right?  That action is serving you well.

This conscious awareness also relates to our thoughts.  Let’s say an observation of your thought while at the gym (or at work or working on a home project), is ‘this is hard,’ ‘I never succeed,’ ‘my mother was right, who am I to think I could do this?’ 

Guess what?  Thoughts become things!

New Thought:  If you think you can, you can!!

Life Lesson 3:  Where the mind goes, the body follows…so let’s make it positive!!

There’s a Universal Law that states:  “Like Attracts Like.’  You’ve heard the phrase ‘Positive Breeds Positive.’  These are more than just words.  Research is proving that bringing positivity into your life from your thoughts to the people that you associate with to making choices that are best for you, are reducing risks of death from cardiovascular problems, less depression and an increased lifespan (Mayo Clinic 2015).  Simply Google ‘health benefits of positive thinking’ for examples. 

Action Item:  Steps to bring Positivity into your life:

  • When you ‘observe’ that your brain has been hijacked into thinking: ‘I can’t’; ‘nothing ever works out for me’; ‘I’ll never complete this project’; etc., acknowledge it, take a breath and say (out loud or in your mind) ‘control, alt, delete, reboot’ (your brain is a computer of sorts) and then reframe the thought into:  ‘I complete all of my projects’; ‘by focusing, I can do this’;  Take control of your thoughts!
  • If you’ve identified a ‘Negative Nellie/Ned’ in your life, try to limit your time with her/him. Associate yourself with positive people as much as you can.  Notice that you’ll start to automatically attract positive people to you…trust me, this works!!
  • Incorporate ‘Affirmations’ into your life. Affirmations are positive statements that you say (out loud or silently) many, many times in a day.  Even if it’s not true, using affirmations support a mind-body connection.  Affirmations work the same way as in yoga:  if a pose isn’t working for you today, imagine you are in the pose and the body responds and gains benefits as if you’re in the pose…trust me, this works, too!!

Try this Affirmation:  “Things Are Always Working Out For Me”

Use this affirmation when you’re in a hurry and get a green light, when a new recipe works, when you complete that tough conversation, when you complete your ‘to do’ list, when you have a good night’s sleep.  Say it many times in the day for things big and small.  Then ‘notice’ if you aren’t smiling more, relaxing more, accepting more…AND more positive things happen because you’re aware of them!!  Positive breeds positive!!

  • Bring Gratitude into all that you do. Saying, thinking or writing statements of gratitude and thankfulness supports and attracts positivity into your life.  Consider creating a gratitude journal by taking time each day to write 3 things you’re grateful for.  How about considering taking on a fun and beneficial challenge?  Come up with 3 different things you’re grateful for every day for 30 days.  Talk about kick starting a positive mindset!  Should you find yourself having a tough day, go back and read your journal to bring yourself back to positivity…trust me, that works too!!

There’s tremendous power in positivity.  Make the conscious choice to bring positivity to the forefront of your mind and in your actions and ‘consciously’ NOTICE the impact in your life.  What actions do you take to keep positivity in your life?  I’d love to hear from you.  Go to to send an email.

This brings us to Life Lesson 4:  Just B-R-E-A-T-H-E…  Imagine what happens when you invite conscious breathing into your life…ahhhh, feel the relaxation…   More Peaceful Easy Healing tips next time.


Joan Marlow
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