Successful Aging AZ & Creative Engagement Partners Present

Discovering New Pathways
for Dementia Care

Wednesday, February 23, 2022 9:00 a.m. — 3:00 p.m.

Sun Lakes United Methodist Church
9248 E. Riggs Road, Sun Lakes, AZ, 85248

Successful Aging Conference Dementia Edition

Speaker Profile

Kerri Ann Ronquist

All About You Placement

Leaving Our Home – How Do We Know When It’s Time?

Most of us want to stay in our home as long as we possibly can.  That’s a pretty universal wish.  For those that are ready to leave behind the housework, the yardwork and the home projects for a more relaxed lifestyle, the choice and the change are met rather comfortably and typically quite proactively.  For those of us that don’t want, don’t see, or can’t understand the need for change, the transition is much more difficult physically, emotionally and practically.  Join in to find out the questions to ask, the discussions to have (yes, starting with asking yourself) and the process needed to help you figure out ‘when’ is the best time to move and what’s the best way to go about it!


Kerri Ann is originally from New Jersey and came to Arizona in the early 1970’s.  It is in Arizona where she found her love for supporting and serving those with health-related needs and supporting others in becoming better advocates for their own health care.  Kerri Ann knows herself that navigating the health care arena can be very daunting as she had to navigate it herself for her two sons who are on the Autism spectrum as well as having to arrange care for her own father…this became the “why” behind what Kerri Ann seeks out to do for others.

Not only does Kerri Ann help others be better advocates for themselves, she herself is an active member of various organizations and committee’s which support the bettering of local communities….these include but are not limited to her roles in the Queen Creek and Gilbert Chambers, a committee member for House of Refuge, a member of PASRS and NPRA, and holding certifications as a Certified Placement and Referral Specialist, Board Certified Patient Advocate, Certified Senior Advisor, and Certified Dementia Practitioner.

Kerri Ann holds true to her why….she doesn’t want others to have to sort through the maze of obtaining quality health care for themselves or loved ones.

Benjamin Surmi
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