John NullJohn Null is a local business man who entered the financial field in 2005 as a financial planner with Met Life, and moved into the Medicare/Medicaid specialty in 2008. Senior Advisors of the East Valley is designed to operate as a consultant and advocate for seniors, helping them navigate the choppy waters of understanding health plans available through Advantage plans and Med Supplements. He is also certified to consult about Long Term Care insurance benefits.  John holds licenses as Life/Health insurance agent, and is certified in Long Term Care insurance.  He works on a committee with Congressman Andy Biggs focused on Medicare and Senior issues. 

John serves as a deacon in a local church, has been a recipient of Medicare benefits for 15 years.  He was a caregiver of a wife who had Dementia/ Alzheimer’s and understands the challenges families face because he’s lived it.  John conducts workshops for families who have a loved one with these diseases. He is a passionate proponent of a healthy lifestyle and is ACE certified in Weight Management and Life Style for seniors.

Senior Advisors of the East Valley