Successful Aging AZ & Creative Engagement Partners Present

Discovering New Pathways
for Dementia Care

Wednesday, February 23, 2022 9:00 a.m. — 3:00 p.m.

Sun Lakes United Methodist Church
9248 E. Riggs Road, Sun Lakes, AZ, 85248

Successful Aging Conference Dementia Edition

Speaker Profile

Joan Marlow

Life Coach and Reiki Practitioner
Peaceful Easy Healing

How to Best Advocate for Your Own Healthcare as Well as for Loved Ones

We learn as kids to find the ‘brightest’ star in the night sky because finding North helps us find our way in the dark. In developing a strategy for successfully navigating aging, ‘Advocacy’ is your north star. Join this session to understand what ‘Advocacy’ is; why it’s essential to you and your loved ones as you move forward in the aging process; and how you can actively incorporate self-advocacy into your life.


Joan is a ‘life-long learner and a forever teacher.’ The phrase, ‘once a teacher always a teacher’ is Joan’s truth. Her career includes:  high school teacher, corporate trainer, human resources manager & mentor and for the past 12+ years, as owner and facilitator in her business Peaceful Easy Healing, where she lives her passion and purpose of helping individuals to create and then live their best lives. Today her services include life & wellness coach, educator, alternative health practitioner and most recently as a health advocate. Peaceful Easy Healing’s tagline is ‘Supporting Your Health & Well-being from Awareness to Action Through Advocacy.’

Everything starts with Awareness, it’s up to you to choose which action to take. Along with sharing points of Awareness, Joan offers practical tips, tools, techniques and a voice to put that Awareness into action; your role is to ‘choose’ an action to take to live your best life.

Joan serves on the Board of Directors of Oakwood Creative Care as well as Chair of its Community Outreach Committee. She also facilitates a movement class for the Sun Lakes Memory Care program.

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