That’s right, say it! Say it out loud and repeat at least 3 times.

I am enough!
I am enough!
I am enough!

Now, how did that feel? Yes, we’re talking about ‘feelings.’ If that made you feel squirmy, GREAT!!! Take a couple of deep breaths to calm yourself, reset your nervous system and say it again:

I am enough!

And just ‘feel.’ Is it any better?

Regardless of how you feel – don’t run away! Stand in the power of those words and incorporate them into your life. Trust me, you’ll feel better soon.

Trying anything new may feel uncomfortable at first; but over time, it becomes second nature. Take a moment to reflect. If you’re still uncomfortable, maybe it’s because you’ve never spoken or heard those words about yourself before.

Instead, you might be more accustomed to saying or hearing “I can’t do or be (fill in the blank) because:

I’m not smart enough,
I’m not pretty enough,
I’m not rich enough,
I’m not strong enough,
I’m not competitive enough,
and so on.

You get the picture. And who the heck were the people who shared those words? Maybe your parents, your 3rd grade teacher, kids on the playground or your first boss.

Intellectually, we now know those words represented their opinion based upon their perspective in a moment in time. They chose to share that opinion (right, wrong or indifferent) which had nothing to do with you! **

Those moments are long gone. Since then you’ve grown physically, mentally and emotionally. You’ve had many experiences giving you opportunities to try new things. All that combined gives you the success to develop the wisdom of how strong and great you are.

Now take another deep cleansing breath and ‘cancel, clear or delete’ to ‘reboot’ (‘reframe’) your self-talk to ‘affirm’ your truth – which is – “I am enough!”

Your life – and the choices you make create your beliefs and perspectives that prove other people wrong (even though we don’t want to consciously admit it). Time and again you discover that YOU CAN DO anything and succeed, or learn a lesson to apply to the next opportunity.

Starting now, your new affirmation is “I am enough!”

Remember: an affirmation is ‘the assertion that something exists or is true.’ When we add the truth that ‘like attracts like’ (Law of Attraction), we know the more we state an affirmation (our personal truth), the Universe will respond in kind by delivering what we ask for. We also know that by repeating this affirmation dozens of times a day, we can reframe our subconscious and make our ‘self-talk’ dialog to be positive and supportive to our health and well-being.

Write ‘I am enough’ on your mirrors, on post-it notes posted throughout your house, your car, your workspace…the more it’s ‘in your face’ the more it’ll be internalized.

So, repeat after me with conviction, purpose and self-love:

I am enough!!

Enjoy living in your truth as you continue to create and live your BEST LIFE!!


**Note to self: I need to be consciously aware of my opinions and perspectives when I’m sharing feedback or comments to others.

Joan Marlow
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