About Me

The Spark for Successful Aging AZ

My path was specifically influenced by a previous job which provided me the unique experience of observing a large group of retirees age over a 12-year time period which profoundly helped to shape my mission. I saw what worked and what didn’t as people aged.  My work as a Care Manager for Visiting Angels showed me that those who were educated and were proactive in making choices and outlining their wishes not only had less stress, but they also were easier clients.  There was more joy in their world!  Connecting those two ‘aha’ moments, I realized education in this capacity had more power to effect change and make lives better than anything else.  So, I set out to educate and created THE RESOURCE SOURCE program, utilizing a team approach to caring for others.  Partnerships create powerful avenues to bring resources to individuals widening support options immeasurably. Between the educational outreach and the opportunities to really listen to other peoples’ stories gave me innumerable occasions to practice ways to help people prepare.

Dementia Passion

Both of my parents lived with different forms of dementia and my personal life now includes several loved ones living with this illness. As a long-distance family caregiver my perspective has been both widely and positively impacted by my own personal experiences. We were lucky, most of our family became a part of a care team. It was then I started taking as many classes about dementia as I could and trying to understand how best to incorporate that information into everything I/we did.  Meshing my personal and professional world became both logical and honestly, inevitable.  It made sense.

I am now completely committed to creating awareness and understanding of dementia and dissolving the stigma that sadly, is still associated with it.  My approach is focused on both educating care partners (which includes all family members and friends) and meeting individuals where they are in their journey, learning to work with individual’s capabilities vs. their disabilities.


  • Certified Dementia Practitioner
  • Certified Trainer in the Teepa Snow Positive Approach to Care methodology
  • Chair of Creative Engagement Partners (CEP), a non-profit committed to education, awareness and engagement for families with cognitive decline and is working to create Sun Lakes as a Dementia-Friendly Community.
  • Support Group Facilitator, The Southeast Valley Memory Café in Sun Lakes, among others
  • Monthly Contributing Columnist, “Successful Aging” for the Arizona Republic since 2012

I teach, coach, facilitate, and connect people to their reality, to better understanding, to processes instrumental for their journey, and to resources, through Successful Aging LLC.

Elaine Poker-Yount, CDP
Aging & Dementia Care Specialist

There are four kinds of people in the world:
those who have been caregivers;
those who currently are caregivers;
those who will be caregivers;
and those who will need caregivers.

Rosalyn Carter

Former First Lady